Singapore VC Firm Jungle Ventures Invests in ZipDial Mobile Solutions

Bangalore, India (April 15, 2013):
International demand for ZipDial’s mobile marketing platform picked up about one year before our planned expansion. In order to capitalize on this demand and fuel that growth, we have welcomed Singapore-based Jungle Ventures who is now an investor shareholder. The decision to work with Jungle is very strategic for our international expansion as the team is made up of successful entrepreneurs who have built their businesses and networks in the South East Asia region. We are very enthusiastic about the advantages that Jungle will bring in for ZipDial by leveraging assets across their portfolio companies to support regional expansion.
Amit Anand of Jungle Ventures Singapore

“Having built businesses as well as our Jungle portfolio across Asia, we immediately saw the power of ZipDial’s innovative model and the team’s potential to be market leaders not only in India but across the region. Given the increasing spend of global and local advertisers in the booming markets of southeast Asia, we fully support ZipDial’s expansion here as it lays an important foundation for the company’s future growth trajectory.” – Amit Anand, Managing Partner, Jungle Ventures.

In the second week of April 2013, ZipDial has launched in Sri Lanka starting with a campaign for Unilever’s Laojee Tea brand. With over 550 million total mobile subscribers and 139 million internet subscribers, Southeast Asia has been dubbed as one of the world’s fastest evolving technology markets. Jungle will now help ZipDial to build businesses and networks in the South East Asia region and other emerging markets.
ZipDial is already backed by group of investors including Mumbai Angels, Blume Ventures, Times Internet, and US-based seed fund and start-up accelerator 500Startups.
Valerie Wagoner - ZipDial Founder and CEO
“There are huge businesses to be built addressing real problems on this side of the world. While many entrepreneurs in India are focused on the US and European markets, we are tapping innovation and demand in this region.”- Founder and CEO Ms. Valerie Wagoner.
ZipDial has always been an aspiring “from India” business, especially focused on expansion into South East Asia. ZipDial’s Sri Lanka launch and Investment by Jungle Ventures is a major milestone that we have achieved. The funding finalizes a round which ZipDial will use to start expansion in South East Asia. The ZipDial team is now squarely focused on building the business in India and continuing to prove out our international expansion model.
More About ZipDial
ZipDial Mobile Solutions Pvt Ltd.
Three years ago, ZipDial started a revolution in mobile marketing in India. And we have been addressing two problems: First, in such a diverse market, advertisers need more granular data on consumer preferences, and they cannot get this from internet (only 8% penetration), smartphones (only 4% penetration) or payment data (only 3% purchases on cards). Second, users get nothing personalized and advertising messages are predominantly cricket, Bollywood and spam.
ZipDial took the typical mobile VAS model, flipped it upside down, and made the user experience simple and free for 100% of consumers (based on “missed calls”). When advertisers include ZipDial calls-to-action and engagement in their ads (TV, print, product packages, etc), this drives up to 50 times more responses and data. That makes ZipDial Analytics -‘the Google Analytics of offline and traditional media’. Now brands of our large advertiser clients (P&G, Disney etc) have 2 to 5 times more unique users engaging on ZipDial than they do on Facebook.
ZipDial is a marketing and analytics platform, which creates a call-to-action and engagement with traditional, real world media (print, TV, product packages, etc.) using the simplicity of missed calls. This interaction ultimately gives the marketers, data and intelligence helping them keep consumers engaged over a time. ZipDial has over 400 customers, including big consumer goods companies like Procter & Gamble, Disney and Unilever. Till date more than 410 million consumer engagements have been served on ZipDial’s platform.-end-